Trip relays

Instantaneous trip relays, whose contacts change instantaneously from the rest position to the working position when the coil is energized. The contacts return to the rest position when the coil is no longer energized. This range includes relays with 2, 4 and 8 contacts, with operating times from 3 ms to 8 ms, depending on the model.

Trip and lockout relays

Trip relays with 2 stable positions for the output contacts. Depending on which coil is energized, the contacts will change from one position to the other. The design of the ARTECHE relays has no consumption in permanence, and prevents both coils from being energized simultaneously. This range includes relay with 4 and 8 contacts, with operating times below 8 ms or 10 ms, depending on the model, and possibility of manual reset.

Trip circuit supervision relays

For single phase or three phase circuit breakers. Through a small supervision current the whole circuit is supervised, in both positions of the circuit breaker (opened or closed). The correct state of the circuit is showed with a green LED on the front plate of the relay. The output contacts change its position if the relay detects a failure in the continuity of the circuit.

Auxiliary supply circuit supervision relays

Auxiliary relay with four changeover contacts, aimed to supervise the failure of trip supply. Connecting the relay across the trip circuit supply, the equipment is normally energized. Faults will occur when the trip voltage is lost, so the relay drops off in those cases, providing the related signs and alarms. In order to avoid faulty alarms due to instantaneous supply voltage dips, the drop off time of the relay is delayed over 100 ms so those non-permanent failures of trip supply would not be considered.


saTECH SynchroStar GPS

Grandmaster Clock

World first substation GPS clock with IEEE1588v2, NTP and native IEC 61850 services

saTECH SynchroStar GPS is a high precision clock for the most critical industrial and substation applications. It uses reference signal from GPS (Global Positioning System) and features wide variety of outputs and time coding standards. saTECH SynchroStar GPS is a substation Grandmaster Clock that uses the latest IEEE C37.238 Power Profile of PTP (Precision Time Protocol) which helps reduce installation costs and enables submicrosecond accuracy over single communication network in modern digital substations.