Transmission and Distribution Power Products.



Padmount Switchgear

G&W offers a wide variety of padmount switches for systems rated 15.5 through 38 kV, 630 A continuous. Switches can be operated either manually or through various distribution automation packages.

  • SF6 Insulated Designs
  • ¾ Solid Dielectric (Trident) Design

Vault Switchgear

G & W offers a wide variety of vault switches manually or through various SCADA or for systems rated 15.5 through 38 kV, 600 A continuous. Switches can be operated either automatic transfer control packages.

  • Insulated Designs
  • Solid Dielectric (Trident) Design
  • Insulated Designs
  • Solid Dielectric (Trident) Design

Overhead SF6 Load Break Switches

G&W offers a variety of different overhead switches for 15.5 through 38 kV overhead systems. Switches are available for either direct pole or crossarm mounting, and can be operated either manually or through various remote control, SCADA or automatic transfer control packages. Various styles are available depending upon system rating requirements.


G&W offers a wide variety of automatic reclosers for systems rated 15.5 through 38kV, 800A continuous. Featuring SEL Recloser Controllers.

  • Viper‐SP Solid Dielectric, Single Phase
  • Viper‐S Solid Dielectric, Three Phase
  • Viper‐ST Solid Dielectric, Triple Option

Automation Products

G&W offers controls, actuators, and sensors to automate any manual distribution switch. For confined space applications, system efficiency, or for safety reasons, switches are frequently operated either manually or electrically from a remote location. For improved reliability and operation, distribution switch voltage and current information is monitored and relayed
into SCADA systems.

Motor Actuators

Automation begins with the addition of motor actuators to a manual switch. These actuators can be factory installed for new equipment or retrofitted to switchgear installed in the field. They are available for two position (Open‐Close) and three position (Close‐Open‐Ground) switches, and are housed in a NEMA 6P enclosure for submersible installations.

Switch Controls

Portable Controls
Stationary Controls

SCADA‐Ready Switches

Switches can be provided with the very minimum requirements for future automation. Since G&W manual switches are designed with future automation in mind, most additional automation components can be easily and economically added when you are ready.

Motor Actuated Switches

Switches can be provided with motor actuators and controls for local electronic operation. All controls are ready for connection to an RTU and communications device for complete remote automation.

Fully Automated Switches

G& W can provide fully automated switches including motor actuator, controls, RTU, communication device, and voltage and current sensing. G&W can integrate and test these components as a package for your unique application.

Lazer Automatic Power Restoration System

G&W’s Lazer automation system is a pre‐ engineered solution package that works in conjunction with power distribution switchgear to perform automatic switching operations on overhead and underground loop or radial distribution circuits. The Lazer is a protection and control package that features one or more microprocessor‐based protective relays, equipped with distributed capabilities and peer‐ to‐peer communication to make intelligent operating decisions and to monitor field conditions. It focuses on critical load installations
to maximize service reliability.

Automatic Transfer Controls

The purpose of automatic source transfer controls (ATCs) is to minimize or eliminate outages by providing a means of automatically transferring from one source to another. G&W offers a variety of automatic transfer control (ATC) packages that provide customized features for feeding critical load customers or systems. Typical installations include hospitals, airports, processing plants, hotels, and government sites.

Current Limiting Protection CLip

G&W offers a wide variety of current limiting protection devices for systems rated 15.5 through 38 kV.

Cable Accessories

  • Distribution Terminations
  • Distribution Splices
  • Transmission Terminations
  • Cable Terminations for extruded dielectric cable systems
  • Transmission Joints